Welcome to WTF ALBERTA, Alberta's premier source of fake news.

Unlike the mainstream media, which uses mostly accurate quotes to lead readers to false conclusions, WTF ALBERTA uses mostly fake quotes to lead readers to the truth. Or something.

The author of WTF Alberta is David J. Climenhaga, best known as the man behind Alberta's popular Alberta Diary political blog, found at AlbertaDairy.ca.

"I'd been feeling guilty every time I wrote a fake news story and posted it on Alberta Diary," Climenhaga said recently, "so I decided, WTF, I'll post my fake news stories here instead."

If readers don't like it, Climenhaga said, there's very little they can do about it. "I also decided there would be no comments allowed on fake news stories, unless readers can figure out a way to send me fake comments. If you don't like it, well, gee, that's tough."

The picture of Climenhaga shown above and at right was taken a long time ago. You can tell because he has hair and his moustache was still red.The bow tie is still in service, though, if a little tatty around the edges.